relocating in the costa del sol


At Marbella Vacation Homes we support expats with the complicated process of moving to the Costa del Sol. We combine being professional and practical with warmth and familiarity. It’s important to simplify the relocation process, but it’s also crucial that clients feel supported and secure with their new life in Spain.

Decision made! What are the next steps to moving to the Costa del Sol?

Whether it’s for work, quality of life or simply a personal decision, moving to another country is a challenging time for anyone. Once the decision is made, the excitement of living in such a beautiful, cosmopolitan place with an unbeatable climate, builds, however, at the same time, the practicalities and organisation required of such a move can be overwhelming. Unless you are well prepared and supported, relocating from abroad is a stressful experience!

Selecting the right area, finding the perfect place to live, finding the right schools, understanding, and filling in all the necessary documentation and navigating red tape, as well as organising the move is a huge job that becomes inordinately complicated when you are not familiar with the local language, customs, procedures, and rules. Furthermore, as Marbella offers such a huge variety of schools, housing, insurance etc. it can be even more difficult to navigate, compare and make decisions.

How can we help you?

To avoid stressful situations, Marbella Vacation Homes takes care of the whole process, offering competent and friendly assistance in a clear and precise way. We explain all the necessary steps needed to achieve a hassle-free move. We support our clients in choosing and contracting any kind of service, offering them our expertise in location and language, which delivers great savings in time, money, and energy.

We recommend the best areas to live in, we assist you with the process of finding a property (to buy or rent) and we help to locate the most suitable schools and nurseries for your children’s needs. We provide support with national and international removals, administrative tasks, or Spanish paperwork, dealing directly with the authorities (that usually only work in the Spanish language), apply for NIE and residency cards and deal with bank formalities, driving licences and health insurance. The Marbella Vacation Homes team is always available to answer your questions and customise services to suit our clients’ needs.

You are just one step away from fully enjoying your new life in Marbella, get in touch!