Marbella Vacation Homes took its first steps on the winding roads of buying, selling and renting properties in 2014, refining its selection method in both the proposals offered and in the specialisation of its services. To cope with all contingencies and satisfy any client profile, experience alone is not enough, a precise and global vision is also required, as well as a strategy capable of following the changes in the often-changing real estate market of the Costa Del Sol. Because when choosing an agent, it is important to have someone who knows the territory, but at the same time understands the needs of different types of people. In this sense, the Costa del Sol and even more so the Marbella area is distinguished by a wide variety of nationalities that, due to their socio-cultural differences, need specific attention and different services. Swedes, English, Dutch, Russians, Italians, French, Americans, Asians, Emiratis…often have very different needs when looking for a house or tenants. The knowledge of these differences makes us strong because, only by understanding the variety of cultures, can we offer the most appropriate service for each profile and requirements.


In a society where only quantity counts, Marbella Vacation Homes chooses quality. Little, but good” is our philosophy.
Our agency only selects the highest standard of properties and collaborates with professionals that, like ourselves, represent a solid guarantee when facing the thorny world of renting, buying and selling. Furthermore, it is essential to us to understand the exact aim/requirements of each of our clients, so we can offer them the perfect solution for their needs, without wasting their time with inaccurate suggestions. We like to offer an impeccable service, even if this means reducing the number of customers.


A quality service also requires a fair assessment of costs. Marbella Vacation Homes strongly believes in a personal relationship with its clients and, to gain their full confidence, we offer the highest level of professionalism and a very competitive cost.  With rental and real estate agencies usually charging the equivalent of a month’s rent to the owner and to the tenant. At Marbella Vacation Homes we just charge one monthly instalment in total, equally divided between the two parties.


Marbella Vacation Homes has a brilliant team who is able to perfectly assess our client’s profile, the characteristics of the properties required and the transactions they manage. Our professionals have the knowhow to present the properties in the best way, fill in documentation and carry out bureaucratic tasks and they always do it with a friendly and kind manner. Supported by architects, notaries, lawyers and photographers, our team provide professional support at every stage of the transactions.


What makes a house a real home is the family that lives in it. As a mother of 4 children, the founder of Marbella Vacation Homes has passed on to the agency the fundamental value of dedication to the whole family. We could not offer an excellent service without thinking of every single member of the family, little ones included. We are experts in recognising the child’s needsand, for this reason, we source a special selection of properties which include all kinds of comforts: large spaces, gardens, swimming pools, proximity to the best schools, institutes, playgrounds and sports facilities. We also offer additional services to support the family, not only during the home search process, but also support afterwards, such as babysitting and cleaning services. Discover all our services in this link.


We only work with properties of the highest standard and pride ourselves in offering a professional, practical, close and familiar service without losing our genuineness. It is important for us to fully understand your specific requirements in order for us to enjoy every goal achieved together.