property management marbella

Our property management service is specifically designed for those who have a second property in Marbella, which requires regular check-ups and maintenance.  For this, Marbella Vacation Homes provides the following assistance:

Periodic Checks and Routine Maintenance

We regularly check untenanted properties. Every two weeks we make sure everything is ok- that there are no water or gas leaks, electricity problems and that heating, air conditioning, Internet and other facilities are working properly. We also check the estate to ensure it is secure to prevent break-ins and burglary.

Managing Suppliers and Insurance

This service is specially designed for those who use their home occasionally. Setting up or renewing utilities (water, gas, electricity, Internet etc.) and insurance is often a forgotten task and can turn into an annoying inconvenience. To avoid problems, MVH takes care of all these administrative tasks to ensure that the property is always ready, whenever it’s needed.

Managing Rental Payment

Rest assured! We take care of collecting rent from tenants and paying money into the owner’s account. At the same time, in the unlikely event of non-payment by a tenant, Marbella Vacation Homes offers payment protection insurance that guarantees the receipt of rental income and supports the owner in claiming and defending their rights. Legal defence insurance is also offered in the event of unlawful possession of the property.

Keys Deposit

If required, Marbella Vacation Homes keeps a set of the property’s keys. This allows us to welcome guests and tenants without the owner having to be present. It also avoids the unpleasant inconvenience of loss or theft.


An un-rented or temporarily closed property needs regular cleaning to preserve its condition and attractiveness. Paqui and Dori from our cleaning service, are in charge of keeping everything clean, tidy and fresh, until the next visit or rental.

Baby Care

We keep on saying it: we love families with children! We could not offer an excellent service without thinking about each and every one of our tenants- little ones included. We are experts in meeting their needs and have a huge selection of equipment such as cots, highchairs, barriers, pushchairs, boosters etc for families to use. We also offer an unlimited babysitting service for parents who want an evening out or time to themselves, plus an extra cleaning service.

Restoration, Gardening and Swimming Pools

In Marbella and its surrounding areas, the gardens and swimming pools are as important as the house and maintenance of the outside areas is key. With such wonderful weather, a property’s exterior greatly increases its value, both for renting and selling. Thanks to our partner “Línea Verde(experts in luxury homes and villas), Marbella Vacation Homes deals with the maintenance, remodelling and planning of gardens and swimming pools, ensuring they are always in perfect condition.

Check-In and Welcome Service

For every kind of rental (holiday, long, medium or short term), MVH organises a check-in and welcome service for guests or new tenants. An agent will be waiting for them at the property to make sure that everything is ok and meets their expectations. If required, we can also prepare a welcome pack with snacks, food, or any other special requests. For further info please contact us.