Our support ends when the expat and his family are totally settled into their new surroundings.Our aim is to provide expats with the necessary information to settle into their new surroundings.
Pre-transfer information

  • Lifestyle and conditions in the new country.
  • Residential areas.
  • Eligible schools.

House search:

Finding a suitable home for an expat’s needs is essential to guarantee his wellbeing and that of his family, allowing him to fully focus on his work.

  • Study of the expat’s needs.
  • Complete information package on the new country
  • Pre-selection of houses and itinerary
  • Accompanied visits to pre-selected houses.
  • Review of legal issues related to the lease.
  • Negotiation and signature of the lease.
  • General inspection of the house and inventory.
  • Banking: opening of new account and registration/de-registration of direct bank debit orders for supplies.

Temporary houses:

This is a real estate made-to-measure solution for short stays, globally covering the needs of any expats assigned to short-term projects or in the time we find the final property.

Other services: 

  • School search.
  • Cultural training and language
  • Decoration of the house.
  • Legal services like passport, NIE etc…