Home Staging Marbella

The Home Staging is the key to renting property or selling, basically is to make your home a few things from appealing to the largest number of potential buyers, to rent or sell your property faster and with a better valuation.  Home staging depersonalizes your property by creating bright, neutral environments with as much space as possible.

Statistics show that the positioning of a property on the market, its price are not the solution to everything. It is sometimes the layout of spaces and decoration that prevent potential buyers to have a crush. As a general rule, the appearance of the property, inside and outside is the most important criterion of purchase or lease.

From our decoration department in Marbella Vacation Homes we can help you to create a nice space to hit future buyers or tenants.

How we work:

  • Inspection of the entire property.
  • Creation of an individual and detailed list of measures for every room and exteriors.
  • Suggestions for a successful set up preparation.

Are you interested in our services? Please call us to 650 50 45 95 or write us an email to info@marbellavacationhomes.com